Keep personal information safely locked away.

PROTECTS against identity theft.

PREVENTS domain-related spam.

DETERS domain hacking.

Your identity is nobody’s business but ours.

mHost privacy partner, Domains by Proxy, protects you from hackers, hijackers, and data miners by replacing your name, address and other details in the public WhoIs directory with its business address and phone number. You retain complete control of the domain, including the rights to sell, renew, cancel or transfer it.

Lock out thieves, not customers.

To make sure legitimate customers and business partners can find you, Privacy & Business Protection includes an online business card. This listing features a map to your store, description, phone number, snapshot of your website, and up to four images and hyperlinks.

Hijackers beware.

Thieves who hijack domains tend to use them to carry out scams, deliver spam and spread malware. Both Privacy and Privacy & Business Protection safely hide the personal information hackers need to take control of your domains.

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